Handling Retirement Assets In Your Divorce

Retirement assets like pensions or 401(k)s are often substantial considerations in a divorce. In the state of Texas, retirement assets, such as military pensions, ERISA funds, Employee Stock Options Plans, 401(k) and 403(k) plans, accrued during the marriage are considered community property, or property that is jointly owned by both parties during a marriage. They are essentially indirect compensation to a spouse and must be divided when the parties separate.

For many couples opting to divorce, these financial matters are sensitive concerns.

A Lawyer With Proficiency Distinct From The Competition

Board Certified Family Law Specialist, attorney Martha Bourne, understands this and has worked with many individuals in and around Houston in similar circumstances.

With 30 years of experience, Ms. Bourne understands the legal implications regarding the different retirement plans and the factors that determine distribution under both federal and state law.

She understands how no two instances are alike and uses her depth of expertise to offer advice on a course of action for particular circumstances. She often uses an approach that is constructive and minimizes disruptions and hostility whenever possible.

Working with retirement benefits, domestic relations orders, executive compensation plans and other contractual assets requires patience and attention to detail. Martha addresses these assets with ease and understands the importance of a thorough review. When the occasion requires and with client approval, she brings in experts who can assist the client maximize value in an asset division.

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