Examining Executive Compensation Plans In A Divorce

Thorough Advice On How To Handle Stock Options, Deferred Compensation In Property Division

When there is a divorce, calculating the earnings of a spouse who holds a corporate executive position can be tricky. Executives are often paid with nonwage-type income rather than weekly salaries.

Some executives are paid with stock. Employee shares of the company, restricted stock and employee stock purchase plans are common examples. In other instances, executives are paid via deferred compensation plans and postpone a portion of their salary or bonus, for instance, until sometime in the future.

These compensation options typically have vesting schedules, which play a part into determining distribution or spousal maintenance amounts upon a divorce.

Hiring an attorney who is highly experienced to handle these areas of divorce law cannot be stressed enough. The right lawyer will know what information will be needed, documents to gather and financial experts, like certified divorce financial analysts, to utilize.

Well-Versed In Property Division Strategies During Divorce

Board-Certified Houston lawyer Martha Bourne is well-versed in this area of family law. She understands the complex and sensitive nature of these matters. For three decades, she has counseled high earners and spouses of higher earners who are in the midst of a divorce on many types of executive compensation plans.

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She can offer guidance on your specific situation, answer any questions you have and the best routes to take.

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