A Pro Se Divorce: The Power Of Commanding Your Own Ship

Representing Yourself In A Divorce Or Family Law Matter

We are all living in a "self-help" age with the support of online forms. Possessing the power to do things on your own has become a way of life for many people. In some situations, getting a divorce is no different.

In the state of Texas, couples on amicable terms who have chosen to divorce can pursue a no-fault divorce. Unlike other states where fault is required, the parties in a no-fault state need not prove any specific reason or grounds for the breakdown of the marriage.

Various forms, such as The Original Petition for Divorce, are publicly available and must be completed before a divorce is granted. The completed forms can then be filed with the court clerk's office along with an accompanying fee.

Being in command of your own ship—no matter what the circumstance—is a priceless and empowering feeling.

Houston Lawyer Martha Bourne; Available If You Need Her

However, courts require all, lawyers and citizens alike, to follow the rules of procedure. Couples opting to pursue a divorce on their own may have questions along the way — and that's OK. Clarification on the process, help with forms, and even unexpected disputes can arise.

In the event you need an attorney, Martha Bourne is available to help in any way she can. A 30-year veteran of family law, she has assisted many people in your shoes. Also couples can reach an agreement on their own, but know nothing about drafting a Decree. She can, and often does, assist a client in this situation. She takes the least restrictive approach to handling family law matters, avoiding litigation at all costs and minimizing problems and conflict so parties can move on with their lives.

From simple to complex divorces involving significant assets, Martha is available if you need her. You can reach her at 713-581-8260 or send her an email online.