Approaching Child-Related Matters With Caution During Divorce

Critical legal issues face parents with children who divorce. Who will be the custodial parent? Where will the children live? When will the noncustodial parent visit them? How will both parents work together to make important decisions for the children? Who pays child support?

In many cases, parents generally agree on the terms of a child visitation schedule and other elements of a child custody arrangement. In other situations — particularly when other complex, divorce issues are involved — achieving solutions requires more time and effort.

Houston family law lawyer Martha Bourne with Martha Bourne & Associates has gained substantial experience in family law through the years.

In 1981, she began practicing law as an associate with prominent expert Burta Rhoads Raborn, a founding member of the Association of Women Attorneys of Houston, Texas. Working under her direction allowed Ms. Bourne to ascertain invaluable family law skills she utilizes in her practice today, particularly when handling complex family issues related to the children.

A Civilized Approach To Child Custody Matters During Divorce

In her practice today, Ms. Bourne approaches her cases with civility. She aims to resolve child custody and visitation matters in a way that protects children from the acrimony of a heated legal battle.

Her first priority is protecting what the courts refer to as "the best interests of the child." Ms. Bourne helps a client analyze why a custody trial is in the child's interest. "Many times it is not," she observes. When disputes arise, she feels it is important to resolve them in a way that minimizes disruptions to the child's life.

Martha Bourne frequently uses her family law trial experience to resolve disputes using collaborative law.

If you need the assistance of an established family law firm knowledgeable with child custody matters, contact Martha Bourne at 713-581-8260. Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request.