Decision Making In Divorce

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Divorce forces us to ask difficult questions, establish priorities and make tough decisions. The decisions are difficult because so much is at stake - financial security, relationships with your children. The decisions are yours to make. We provide clients a road map drawn on 30 years of family law experience.

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Take Your Time With These Important Decisions That Will Affect Your Family

With 30 years of experience, Martha Bourne helps men and women through the divorce process. For clients facing divorce, a child custody dispute or any other family law issue, we help them fully explore their options and make decisions that are best for them and their loved ones. We help clients carefully consider a number of important questions:

  • How will divorce affect financial stability?
  • If children are involved, how will they be affected by divorce?
  • How will the property division be resolved?
  • Is collaborative law a possibility for resolving disputes?

In addition to being a board-certified family law attorney, Martha Bourne has studied in other relevant fields that help her guide clients through the divorce decision-making process. Having studied corporate decision making and mental health issues, attorney Bourne has a broad perspective on the problems that clients are facing. She and our helpful staff give clients the time and attention they need to make these tough decisions a little easier.

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