Why Resolving Your Divorce Outside Of Court May Be The Best Route

Couples who are facing divorce often always resolve their disputes more amicably and efficiently when they utilize alternative dispute resolution methods, like collaboration and mediation, rather than traditional litigation. This is because both of these methods allow the parties to essentially control their own fate, rather than a more impersonal, crowded court system.

With collaboration, each party participates, with their own attorney, negotiates and works toward an agreement outside of the courtroom. In mediation, there is a neutral third-party mediator who works with the parties to resolve the disputes.

Courts in Harris County require mediation in many instances before parties can have a court hearing. Using the Collaborative Law process allows parties to avoid the court's docketing system, and address issues on their own timetable.

Both methods are much less formal, more cost-effective and, most importantly, allow parties to have a say in their own fate. With 30 years of experience, Martha Bourne knows that no two divorces are alike and no two clients have the same legal needs. Such important personal and financial decisions involved in property division or child custody, for instance, should be decided by the parties themselves.

These methods also allow couples to avoid the strife and acrimony of a drawn-out legal battle. Ms. Bourne is both a trained collaborative lawyer as well as a trained mediator. She studied at the Harvard School of Negotiation and knows how ADR processes work and their benefits to resolving sensitive family law issues over litigation.

Is Collaboration Or Mediation Right For You?

Ms. Bourne works toward resolving cases through ADR methods, but she also understands that the most appropriate route will depend on individual circumstances. Each case has to be evaluated and clients must be well informed about all methods of obtaining a divorce.

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