Establishing Paternity in Houston, Texas

In many cases involving child support, child custody and other family law issues, determining who is the biological father of the child is necessary. Martha Bourne helps clients throughout the Houston, Texas, area with issues involving parentage determination, which is more commonly known as paternity. We understand the importance of handling these sensitive issues with care and competence.

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Need Help With a Paternity Issue?

Martha Bourne uses experience and knowledge to assist clients involved in paternity suits to effectively resolve these matters.

Paternity actions are brought forth by men and women. For a mother seeking child support, it is often necessary to have a potential father submit to a paternity test in order to establish whether or not he is truly the biological father of her child. Paternity tests were formerly performed with blood tests and now use the much more accurate DNA tests.

A paternity test can also be a necessity for men seeking rights pertaining to child custody, visitation and child support.

Paternity actions are critical for both parents. For fathers, establishing paternity ensures that their father's rights will be protected. For mothers who are struggling to support their child, paternity can be an important step in ensuring the long-term financial stability of the child.

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