Modifications And Relocation

Modifying the Terms of a Divorce

For divorced couples, life changes often call for a change in the terms of a divorce. A significant change in income or health, or the need to relocate often call for a modification of child support orders, child custody orders and other important legal issues.

With 30 years of experience, Martha Bourne handles complex and contentious divorce issues for clients throughout the Houston, Texas, area. Our attorneys also help clients modify the terms of their divorce.

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Modification of Orders

Modifications begin with the precept of protecting the "best interests of the child." The court takes this into consideration when making any decisions about changes in child custody, child support, consideration of a parental move away, or any other legal issues. Many factors often lead to the need for modifications, including a significant change in the income of either spouse and the changing needs and lifestyles of children as they grow older. Martha Bourne helps clients petition the court for modifications that reflect their present-day reality and help them keep up with the ever changing needs of their family.

Parental Relocation

There are many circumstances which force parents to relocate from one city to another, from one state to another. But when the children of divorced parents are involved, there are legal complications involved which need to be addressed. We assist clients who are wishing to move with their children, or if an ex-spouse is seeking to move, we stand up for clients' rights.

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