Offering Nonadversarial Methods For Child Custody

Parents aren't the only ones in a divorce who experience high stress levels, apprehension and anxiety. Children too exhibit these feelings. Depending on the age, children at the center of a divorce can and do demonstrate, for instance, changes in eating and sleeping patterns and behavior.

Many children have misgivings about the future — particularly when it comes to where and who they will eventually live with.

Parents can mitigate the negative emotions their children feel by keeping conflict to a minimum and engaging in more cooperative behavior. A family law attorney with experience in such matters can help do the same.

As Frank Lyle, a collaborative divorce attorney in Denton, TX, so aptly says,"... the money spent on a collaborative divorce is an investment in your future, for which the return is a peaceful, secure future for you and your family."

The Role Of An Attorney During A Divorce Or Custody Battle

A lawyer doesn't simply file petitions and provide guidance on the law. A seasoned attorney utilizes methods and procedures to mitigate antagonism that can go in tandem with child custody matters in a divorce.

Houston attorney Martha Bourne is a 30-year veteran of family law. She has helped many families work through child custody issues. She assists clients avoid hostility by using nonadversarial methods to resolve child custody disputes.

"Litigation should be the last resort, not the first." –Martha Bourne

Not only is collaboration or mediation often more cost-effective, such methods allow parties to tailor a parenting schedule that best fits their unique circumstances, not what the court thinks is appropriate.

Martha is highly trained in handling alternative dispute resolution. She is a trained mediator and collaborative lawyer, garnering much of her knowledge by studying at the Harvard School of Negotiation, a reputable consortium that teaches different theories and techniques to negotiation.

This knowledge has been a vital component to Ms. Bourne's practice, one that has helped to create unique custody plans for so many families and lessens the impact on children for years to come.

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