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Houston, Texas, Family Law Attorney

Experience That Educates

Finding answers to your urgent and difficult questions about divorce is never easy. An experienced family law attorney at Martha Bourne can help you explore effective options for your family law problem.

With thirty years of experience in family law, Martha Bourne offers a valuable resource for a potential client with questions about divorce, child custody disputes and other family law problems. We understand the importance of handling legal issues with care and precision.

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Individualized Attention for Your Legal Matter

At Martha Bourne, we offer personalized, compassionate and competent legal representation to residents of Houston, Texas, and throughout the surrounding metropolitan area. Frequently, we represent residents of other states when they become parties to legal matters in Texas. Our diversity in handling various family law cases can be a strong asset when facing the storm of confusion, anxiety and dispute that often accompanies divorce and other family law problems. We are especially adept at handling complex and high-asset divorces.

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